This will be my attempt to make a live-action film based on Avatar: The Last Airbender. Don't get me wrong, I loved M. Night Shyamalan's adaptation of "The last airbender", but I just was disappointed that the sequel did not come out in 2012 like I saw on the last airbender's wiki, so, I decided that I will make my own.


  • Isaac Jin Solstein as Avatar Aang
  • Summer Bishil as Katara
  • Dev Patel as Sokka
  • Wu Chun as Prince Zuko
  • Sammo Hung as Uncle Iroh
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Fire Lord Ozai
  • Hwang Jang Lee as Avatar Roku
  • Lucy Liu as Princess Azula
  • Jackie Chan as Monk Gyatso
  • Jessica Jade Andres as Suki
  • The Rock as The Boulder
  • Unknown Chinese female child actress as Toph Bei Fong

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