• In the games, Hitomi is portrayed as an Asian-looking girl with German Heritage. In the film, she is Caucasian, but still looks fairly convincing.
  • In the games, Hayate & Ein are the same person. In the movie, though, they are two different people;
  • While Hayate is a Japanese ninja, Ein will be a blonde Caucasian young adult who has nothing to do with the original Ein, save for being a German Karate practioner. However, in the middle of the movie, they actually will be connected.
  • Due to their sibling rivaly soured into spiteful grudge, Kasumi will kill Ayane due to Hayate renouncing their relationship because she prevented Kasumi from saving Hayate (therefore dubbing Ayane the true traitor).
  • In the games, Christie uses snake Kung fu as her fighting style, but in the film, she will use Koppo-Jutsu to fit in more with her assassin theme.
  • Scrapped characters, like Fang Fu & Kelly (given the surname Pei) will be featured in the movie.
  • The Dead or Alive Tournament will be similar in functioning to the King of the Ring Tournament in WWE.


Decided castEdit

  • Mark Musashi as Ryu Hayabusa
  • Yoshi Tatsu as Hayate Mugentenshin
  • Chiaki Kuriyama as Ayane Mugentenshin
  • Devon Aoki as Kasumi Mugentenshin
  • Abbas Alizada as Jann Lee
  • Jackie Chan as Brad Wong
  • Hulk Hogan as Bass Armstrong
  • Brooke Hogan as Tina Armstrong
  • Dennis Rodman as Zack Rodman
  • Chris O'Donell as Rig Donovan
  • Sylvester Stallone as Leon Firenze
  • Josh Hutcherson as Eliot Adams
  • Samantha Nufer as Hitomi Bezwinger
  • Ying Wang as Leifang Fong
  • Erika Toda as Kokoro Douglas
  • Anne Hathaway as Christie Allen
  • Penelope Cruz as Mila Vaquera
  • Fang Liu as Gen Fu
  • Vladimir Kozlov as Bayman
  • Nicholas Weintraub as Ein Steiner
  • Ian Anthony Dale as Jo Hayabusa
  • Tony Jaa as Kelly Pei
  • Jolieba Jackson as Lisa Hamilton
  • Tamilyn Tomita as Momji
  • Jet Li as Fang Fu
  • Dan Southworth as Akira Yuki
  • Owen Wilson as Jacky Bryant
  • Lucy Liu as Pai Chan
  • Jamie Pressley as Sarah Bryant
  • Bolo Yeung Tse as Shinden Mugentenshin
  • Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa as Raidou
  • Marzia as Marie Rose
  • Summer Bishil as Nicole-458
  • Maryse Oullet as Helena Douglas
  • Michael Jai White as Fame Douglas
  • Gary Ray Sterns as Genra

Still uncastEdit

  • Rachael
  • Honoka
  • Ayame
  • Rio
  • Maria
  • Victor Donovan

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