Kingdom Hearts The Movie will be a movie based on the original video game series.


  • Sora/Vanitas-Tristan Tackett
  • Riku-Nicholas Weintraub
  • Kairi/Xion-Delaney Jacobson
  • Ventus/Roxas-Freddie Highmore
  • Terra/Xemnas-Jackson Rathibone
  • Aqua-Emma Watson
  • Nami'ne-Alyssa Engerman
  • Eraqus-Hironobu Sakaguchi
  • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness/Aladdin-Dev Patel
  • Master Xehanort-Ian McDiarnmid
  • Braig-Harrison Ford
  • Yen Sid-Ian Mckellen
  • Maleficent-Angelina Jolie
  • Alice-Mairi Ella Challen
  • Belle-Anne Hatheway
  • Aurora-Elle Fanning
  • Snow White-Lily Collins
  • Jasmine-Summer Bishil
  • Cinderella-Lily James

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