• Dan Southworth as Ryu Hoshi
  • Owen Wilson as Ken Masters
  • Bolo Yeung Tse as Akuma
  • Lucy Liu as Chun Li
  • Alexander Rusev as Zangief
  • Abbas Alizada as Fei Long
  • Ray Park as Allen Snider
  • Arnold Schwarznegger as Guile
  • Eric Scott Esch as Rufus
  • Billy Blanks as Dee Jay
  • Mike Tyson as Balrog
  • Antonio Banderas as Dudley
  • Tony Jaa as Adon
  • Rey Mysterio as El Fuerte
  • Candice Hillebrand as Cammy
  • Fang Liu as Gen Fu
  • Jon Foo as Yang
  • Kane Kosugi as Guy
  • Anton Kasabov as Rolento
  • Jolieba Jackson as Elena
  • Taboo as T. Hawk
  • Andy Serkis as Blanka
  • Chiaki Nakamura as Sakura
  • Jinder Mahal as Dhalsim

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